Frequently Asked Question

Whether capturing those precious newborn images with a portable studio service in the comfort of your own home, or freezing those priceless candid moments in our beautiful West Coast environment, Sharon’s patience and skills will provide you with timeless images of the ones you love.

Let Wright Photography provide you with custom artwork that you will cherish for years to come.



On the day of your session, you will be the only client Sharon has, so you are never rushed. All sessions take place in the mornings when children are at their best, beaches are less crowded and the light is softer.


All infant portrait session take place in the comfort of the client’s home. Sharon’s three sons were all under 2 at one time. She knows how much work it is to pack everything up and take a baby (or babies) out to a studio. That’s why Sharon brings the studio to you for all newborn/infant sessions. A combination of window light and studio light is used depending on the light available in your home that day.

How far in advance should I book? Sessions should be booked approximately 1 month in advance as Sharon books up quite quickly, especially in the summer and fall months.

Will you take some casual photos of the parents with the children during the child’s session? Children, with their unique personalities and the special relationships they share with their siblings are my specialty and the focus of the sessions. However, upon request I am available to photograph several casual family portraits within your child’s scheduled session at no extra charge.

What age of children do you photograph? Although I photograph all ages of children, I specialize in newborns and toddlers.

What is your favourite place to photograph children? Photographing children playing in the sand and water at the beach is my favourite. Some of the many beaches used are; Centennial Beach, Crescent Beach, White Rock Beach & Spanish Banks.

How long does the portrait session last? Portrait sessions (excluding newborn sessions, please see below) usually last about 1-2 hours, but only one session is booked per day so we are never rushed.

What time of day do your sessions take place? All sessions take place in the morning.  Beach sessions start between 9 and 9:30 for best light, quiet beaches and happy children.

What do we do if the weather does not cooperate? If it is too wet or windy for the beach, we will reschedule for an alternate date. If the weather is unsettled I will call the morning of the appointment to confirm.

What if my child is sick? If your child is sick, please give me 24 hours notice if possible. We will reschedule for a later date.

What should my children wear? The photos are taken outdoors so casual clothing is best. Jeans (or khaki pants) with bare feet (if weather allows) and pale coloured plain shirts (white is fine) look the nicest. Logos or busy patterns tend to take away from the subject and date the image. Please dress all children to be photographed together in similar toned clothing (for example, all jeans or all khaki). One child in darker clothing with the others in light will really stand out in a black and white portrait.

When is the best time to book a portrait of our newborn? Most newborn images are taken when the baby is approximately 5 – 10 days old. Babies at this age are less disturbed when we move them around during the session and have not yet developed baby acne (which can show up as early as 2 weeks). It’s best to book your appointment and have the pre-portrait consultation well before you’re due date. This allows sufficient time for me to come to your home for the consultation appointment, where we will discuss the type of portraits you are looking for as well as go over some samples of finished portraits/birth announcements. We will also look at the best location in your home to create the portraits.

Can you give me more information about the infant portrait sessions? All infant sessions take place in the client’s home. We know that the baby is happiest in his/her own environment. You have all the things needed close at hand to help the portrait session go smoothly. Infant sessions usually take from 2-3 hours. We never rush through them and take as many breaks as necessary to keep the infant happy along the way. I bring backdrops with me and use a combination of studio and available window light to create the images. All infant sessions take place in the morning.

Do you only photograph in black and white? Yes, Sharon’s portraits are all in black & white. As with a traditional darkroom, sepia tones images are also available.

I am often reminded of a quote I once heard: If you’re photographing (a child) in colour you show the colour of their clothes – if you use black and white, you will show the colour of their soul. ~Author Unknown

What does the portrait session price include? The portrait session price includes the time/talent of the photographer, an online proof gallery, a hard copy of the contact sheet and 4 small web compatible digital files. If time is available Sharon likes to meet for a pre-shoot consultation. This enables her to go over the location, clothing and discuss any specific things you are looking for in your portrait. It also gives her a chance to meet your children.

When will the final prints be ready? As all prints are airbrushed and custom printed, allow 4-6 weeks after the order is placed, for your final prints to be ready.  Please keep this in mind when planning for gifts.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead for the Christmas season. Book your portrait session in the summer when weather is more co-operative. The portrait session deadline is October 15th for prints to be guaranteed for pre Christmas completion.